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Based in the South East of England, U2 Tribe have been entertaining audiences all over the UK and Europe since 2010. 


The members are passionate U2 fans who pour their hearts and souls into capturing the sounds, sights, and love that is U2


An authentic U2 tribute band is not an easy thing to achieve and as dedicated fans, U2 TRIBE replicate the sound, energy, look and feel of arguably the biggest, the most succesful and probably the best band in the world.  


So if you are looking for a U2 tribute band that really do pay tribute to U2, then contact U2 tribe.


U2 Tribe can play sets to accomodate all requirements, from a blistering 1 hour festival show that includes all the crowd pleaser classics to a fully blown all encompassing 2 hour U2 phenomina that includes more unique songs.

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