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terms and conditions for acts

unless it states cash on the night, the performance is paid via nick Taylor in 28 days.

Payroll is at the end of the month only no exception. 

If the 28 days is up on for example the 6th of the month, we 

only pay on the last day of the month so it will be over 28 days.

If you send no invoice then you will not get paid. 

We can only pay if we have a invoice from you.

you must send a invoice to

Please remember you are working for Nick Taylor Entertainments Ltd, so the money owed is from us not the venue.

The venue may of paid us for entertainment in the month you performed but this money goes into our account and we pay our bills and acts from the overall balance.

Under no circumstances are you to contact the venue or discuss with the venue you're fee or about getting paid  before or after your performance.

If you do this, you will be breaking this agreement and you will forfeit your entire fee.

You are working for a nett fee, we do not work as a employment agency taking a percentage. We do not take a commission.

We charge the client a fee for you to perform, which the amount depends on how much work is involved to complete the booking successfully for them, the amount of advertising material we have to provide for them. so you will get a Nett fee.

As long as you are happy with your Nett fee what we charge on top is our business.

You must not discuss your fee with the venue this will be breach of contract.

You must also not give out any contact details, business cards to anyone in the venue or the venue itself. this will be breach of contract.

Any breach of contract you will forfeit your fee

If anyone contacts you from a result of seeing you perform at this venue, you must get them to contact Nick Taylor Entertainments direct.


If you ask us to find someone else to do the job because you cannot do it, you will be charged a minimum of £100 fee for us to find another act to cover your gig, plus any extra we have to pay to that act above the fee you were receiving Nett for the gig.

This  is separate from the legal agreement you are entering with the Nick Taylor Entertainments Ltd and we may still take legal action against you for cancelling without documented evidence of medical grounds, Act of God or bereavement.


If you cancel a performance other than on medical grounds, Act of God or bereavement ,You will be liable for any losses incurred by the venue you were performing at and any losses incurred by Nick Taylor Entertainments Ltd as a result of you not honouring the contract..

You are working on a self employed basis, and responsible for you own tax and national insurance.

This contract can be cancelled with 48 hours notice with no fees owed to you by Nick Taylor Entertainments

This contract is private and confidential and must not been shown to any 3rd party.

If you do show this contract to a 3rd party you be in breach of contract and forfeit your fee.


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