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Taylor Swift



Taylor Swift is the biggest artist in the world right now, and Katy is the most well known Taylor Swift Tribute act in the UK. She has been performing as Taylor Swift for a few years now - and has really mastered the sound, look and a mannerisms of her idol. Since Taylor first came on the scene back in 2008 with her 'Fearless' album, Katy has been performing round the world as the megastar. Like Taylor, Katy plays the guitar and piano and is currently learning the ukulele. All of Katy's Taylor Swift costumes were designed from Taylor's world tours... Currently she has the collection from her 1989 Tour. The Taylor Swift show comes with many fun exciting costume changes, and the show takes you from the country princess to the pop diva that Taylor is today, with current hits such as: Wildest Dreams, Bad Blood, Blank Space and Style. The show can be tailor made to your exact requirements - from the length of the performance, to the songs you would like performed. In addition, dancers can be provided upon request. As a Taylor fan, Katy can perform any album track from any of Taylor's four albums... Taylor is the biggest current female artist and is growing with hit after hit...don't miss this fabulous show!

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