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ONE Party band only £595 read on to find out more

we do this because we love entertaining people

Hi Adrian here from the UK Brides.

We are the number 1 supplier of Entertainment for weddings..


The Entertainment for your wedding, will take up more than 50%

of your once in a lifetime day.

It is so important you give your guests another fantastic reason to talk about YOUR wedding for years to come.


Things like 

" How cool was it they had an Ed Sheeran Tribute

singing their first dance!!!"


" Wow I can't believe they had Jason Jones from The Voice

singing at their wedding!!! "


" How nice was it to have live music entertaining us while they

were having there photos taken "


" The band at that wedding, sang my favour songs, and I

danced my feet off all night long. "


And every time in the future, you hear your first dance playing on the radio you will remember the time a live singer sang it perfectly for you and not just a record playing it.


Please feel free to call me to discuss any entertainment

help you need. 


I am not a salesman Just an Entertainment consultant with 25 years experience in the wedding Entertainment industry.


I am happy to help you with any ideas you are thinking about with regards to the entertainment on your wedding.


Thank you for your time.

Tel: Office: 01984 632863 

Which Singer will be my One Party Band.

Below is a link to 4 of the best wedding singers in the UK today.

You view their profiles and pick which singer you would like to perform as

The One Party Band on your special day.

What time should the music start?
Our booking includes 2 x 45 minute sets over 3 hours and begins after your formalities.

We also have a ceremony and cocktails option if you’re after live music prior to this.

If you require any extra time beyond our standard 3 hours, (e.g. an extension until 12am), this is easily available for £140 per hour (inclusive of VAT) – you can add extra time later if you decide you need it.

What styles of music do The One Party Band play?
To set a relaxing and fun tone for your reception, your soloist will usually begin by playing live acoustic guitar, Piano or just singing background music – classic favourites and easy listening style.

Who plays background  music during the breaks?
That’s us! During breaks from live performance, we also play high quality background music

at your event.

Everything from light ambient to upbeat floor fillers to keep your guests dancing and keep your once in a lifetime celebration moving as smoothly as possible.

Can you play live music at our Ceremony and/or Cocktails?
Our ceremony & cocktails add-on is a very popular and affordable option. For £240 (inclusive of VAT) this package includes a ceremony solo set, with nice relaxing music while guests arrive,

then special songs for your aisle walk, signing, and exit.


A great personal touch for your ceremony! This is followed by another fantastic set of musical favourites for all ages while guests enjoy a drink and a chat at cocktail hour.

Our special song is not on your song list – are you able to learn a song?
Personalising your special day is all part of the service, so if your must-have song is not on our playlist, we’re happy to learn it for you.

Do we get to talk to our singer prior to the day and get his song list from him?

You will have the contact details of your wedding singer and be able to speak to him to discuss the types of songs you want him or her to play, and let him know which song you would like him to perform live for your first dance.

Can you supply our favourite music on an iPod for playback through the PA?
If you’ve got your own playlists or songs that have special significance, or traditional music that you’d like to make a centrepiece, you’re welcome to supply a device with your favourites pre-loaded, and we’ll be happy to play it back through our PA system for you.

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