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ThE Duran Duran Experience

The Duran Duran Experience are a full UK tribute to the 80′s chart toppers Duran Duran.

Using authentic instrumentation, they emulate the music and feel of an authentic Duran performance.


Incorporating a faithful live performance, The Duran Duran Experience are an exceptional live act and offer a professionally presented performance experience as close to the real thing as possible.


 Whilst producing the sound of Duran, The Duran Duran Experience also aim to deliver the visual elements of a Duran show as much as possible, depending upon venue limitations, with authentic instruments, look and lighting.


.Offering a wide ranging set list covering early numbers such as Planet Earth, Girls on Film and Careless Memories, The Duran Duran Experience bring the sound right up to date, including numbers from the new Duran album,

All You Need Is Now.

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