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Formed in 2010 these the Teaz have been on a rollercoaster journey that has seen them perform all over Europe and the UK.

The Black Eyed Peas have had countless hits from the early pop/hip-hop of Where Is The Love? To the Electro rhythms of Don't Stop The Party & I Gotta Feelin with the latter being the most downloaded song of all time and a guaranteed floor-filler at any event. These guys replicate the sound and look of the band perfectly, prompting quite a few punters @ a recent gig @ The Venue, London to squeal, "Oh my god they have the Black Eyed Peas onstage!!!!" as relayed to us by the manager who found it hilarious.

As you can imagine, the Live Show covers all the Black Eyed Peas massive hits from there first number 1, 'where is the love' to more recent tracks like 'Don't stop the party'.

Many tributes get the look or the sound right but seldom both, especially in the case of a band but that's not the case with the Teaz. The band has 4 accomplished performers who are each a front person in their own right and with fabulous costumes being updated constantly and new songs being added the show is always fresh and up to the minute.

The Peas are as popular as they have ever been and Will.I.Am's profile has also soared thanks to his recent stint on popular TV show, The Voice.

The Teaz have played in every kind of venue from hotels, to universities to festivals, clubs, corporate and even weddings and barmitzvahs (fill up your cup - Mazeltov!!!!) and comes as a playback show or with live band.

So get ready to Rock Ya Body's , I Gotta Feelin you're gonna love this show.

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